Reducing storage space

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At Pregis we know how valuable warehouse space is and that you would rather see it used productively rather than wastefully.  We often see racks of shelving space being taken up with bags and bags of polystyrene chips and row upon row of rolls bubble wrap – it’s not good use of space AND they are not environmentally friendly!

An efficient, on-demand packaging environment will have all packing consumables to hand, enabling operatives to quickly pack and despatch each order, with additional supplies within easy reach. 

Our Easypack 100% recycled paper rolls are delivered on single euro pallets, minimising storage space.  A single euro pallet of paper converts to around 40 cubic metres of packaging!  This is a huge amount of packaging which only takes up a few feet of storage space.

Our ergonomically designed systems offer uninterrupted, on-demand packing for total convenience. All paper rolls are light enough to safely and easily replace in just a few minutes, so you will be able to pack all day long with no mess, no disruption and free up valuable space!

To find out how much space you can save, why not get in touch and we can come and visit you and show you how much space you can save.

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