Reducing in-the-box costs

What are you looking for?

How can I reduce my packaging costs?  It’s a question that we are asked more frequently than most.

When you are packing your goods each day and you need to get them out of the door fast, it can be hard to see where you can actually cut down on packaging whilst still preventing movement in-the-box.

As packaging experts we can help you in a number of ways.  For example, we might recommend:

  • An alternative packaging medium
  • Switching to an alternative paper weight which uses less
  • A change of packing technique
  • Changing the packing set up

Using our converted paper void fill means that there is no need for total void fill.  Therefore you reduce the overall amount of packaging used as you don't need to fill the whole box in order to fully secure your goods.  The strength of our void fill prevents any migration inside the box, ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination totally intact.

These are some of the most common ways that we have helped our customers save costs. However, our packaging audit can identify other constructive and beneficial ways that can have a direct cost-saving effect.

To find out more about reducing packaging costs, simply call or email us and we will happily help you to achieve your cost-saving packaging goals.

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