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Spiralpro┬« is a slimline, flexible void-fill packaging system, which is designed to fit easily into any existing packing area.  The versatile and compact system can be clamped directly on to the side of your packing workstation or wheeled to your chosen point of use. The easy to load system can be set up as a single unit or placed into multiple workstations.

The widely-used spiralpro┬« system converts rolls of 100% recycled single-ply paper at high speed into robust, spiral coils that can offer protection for a vast range of goods. Producing up to 88 metres of spiral coils per minute, spiralpro┬« is a safe, cost efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solution.  In addition, you will reduce waste and free up valuable warehouse space.

For a product demonstration simply call or email, or view our video to see all of the benefits that this smart and slimline solution can offer.



Roll weight (standard single ply roll) 4.17kg (average)
Roll length (standard single ply roll) 210m
Spiral diameter (nominal) 50mm
Output volume (standard single ply roll) up to 0.8m³
Output speed 88m per min.
Usage Continuous
Machine weight (standard with frame) 10.73kg (approx.)
Power input 230 W
Paper grade 52gsm
Box roll quantity 6 rolls
Voltage 230V 1ph 50Hz

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