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The Easypack shredderâ„¢ effortlessly converts surplus cardboard boxes into a supple mat which is perfect for void fill and protecting all types for goods during transit.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the shredder uses hardened steel cutting wheels with contoured stripping teeth, offering exceptional reliability and long service life.

The shredderâ„¢ system allows customers to recycle surplus cardboard, allowing them to line boxes or package heavy or sharp edged items. The system can easily shred up to 5 cubic metres of cardboard per hour into a lattice material, providing free void fill cushion packaging material.



Machine Weight 170kg
Cutting Width 400mm
Maximum Output Speed 5m³ per hour
Usage Continuous
Cardboard thickness 5-12.5mm
Power 1.5 kW (max)
Voltage 50Hz after 1ph
Machine dimensions (mm): (L) 812 (H) 1109 (D) 612

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