Coming Soon - Sharp Automated Bagging Systems

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Coming Soon - Sharp Automated Bagging Systems

Sharp Packaging Systems is a leading packaging technology brand in the US and has been solving customers’ packaging challenges for over 30 years.  European customers will now be able to experience the benefits of this new packaging technology for the very first time.

We are always looking to expand the portfolio of solutions we can offer our customers and the latest addition to the Pregis range is Sharp's signature bagging systems. 

These automated poly bagging machines are able to seamlessly integrate into your packaging operations. Through customised in-feeds and accessories these systems can scan, pack, seal and print labels directly onto the bags ready for sorting and shipping.


When space is an issue, the SX™ machine is the ideal choice for automating your bagging operations.

Running bags between 5cm - 28cm wide and 10cm - 81cm long, Sharp’s E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are labeled or addressed, then opened automatically.

Max 12 & 20

When you need an efficient bagging system with high throughput, quick changeovers and low downtime, choose the MAX 12™ or MAX 20™ continuous roll bagging systems. The touchscreen interface makes running multiple applications a breeze, while the system is engineered to reduce labor and maintenance costs while ensuring precise bagging.


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