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The Quantumâ„¢XT is a compact, user-friendly void fill system with exceptional reliability and performance. This advanced packing system is totally versatile and highly efficient, allowing users to pack more goods at higher speeds and in any location.

The 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable paper allows users to pack directly into the box continuously for faster output, whilst minimising storage space.

Patented design brings optimised efficiency and safety

The advanced features of Quantumâ„¢XT makes it an ideal packing solution for all kinds of goods and irregular shaped items. As a fast void fill solution it  allows users to firmly secure goods inside the box, preventing any movement during transit.

The patented, bladeless tear-assist is both safe and requires minimum effort by operators. In addition, the patented telescopic head offers total user flexibility allowing operator to adjust its height, its tilt and output position for total ergonomic convenience.



Floor stand option weight 23.5kg
Output speed 1.8m per second
Bench clamp option weight 9.45kg
70gsm paper - weight 11.2kg
70gsm paper - length 400m
Usage on demand
52gsm paper - length 660m
52gsm paper - weight 12.9kg
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Voltage (ac) 120/230
Power Max (W) 460
Quantum machine weight 9.4kg

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