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Easypack’s packstation™ is an ergonomically designed work station that enables you to efficiently pack goods in a wide variety of ways. It is designed to offer user comfort and convenience, allowing your operators to pack in a safe, robust working environment with everything they need at their fingertips.

Manufactured in the UK, packstation™ offers a generous workspace that incorporates a paper cushion system which is conveniently located to save space and deliver the packaging directly at point of use.

Adjustable height legs offer flexibility and comfort in any packing environment. With overhead storage, multi-shelf options, fully-adjustable monitor mounts and multiway socket brackets, the packstation™ can be configured to best suit your requirements.

The under-bench system produces strong, paper cushions from rolls of 100% recycled paper, directly through the chute, allowing you to pack a multitude of different goods with everything conveniently to hand.

To find out more simply call or email, or view our video to see all of the benefits that this robust, user-friendly packing station can offer.



Length - double 2000mm
Depth - single 940mm
Depth - double 1400mm
Length - single 2000mm
Height - adjustable in 50mm steps 780mm - 980mm
Storage shelf height 800mm above worktop
Number of dividers 8 (6 tall, 2 short)
Storage shelf width 420mm

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