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Packmate Pro

A new benchmark in green packaging technology

The new packmate™pro is our most advanced compact void-fill packaging system yet, comprising all of the features of the first generation system, packmate™, but now with even greater flexibility, efficiency and performance. The new slimline design fits easily into any existing packing operation, offering the very best packaging technology for on-demand packing.

Manufactured in the UK, packmate™pro effortlessly produces lightweight, ultra-strong paper cushions that can be easily moulded around any product, offering maximum packing efficiency.

Less paper, more strength

The new packmate™pro converts rolls of 100% recycled single or twin-ply multiple grade paper at high speeds, creating robust, paper cushions at speeds of up to 23m per minute which are up to 60 times the original paper volume.

The new system is now designed to use narrower, lighter paper rolls as standard whilst retaining the same pack quality and strength
whilst using 25% less paper.



Machine dimensions (mm) (L) 1035, (H) 1315, (W) 470
Roll weight 8kg (average)
Machine weight (with standard frame) 68kg (approx)
Cushion width up to 90mm
Output volume up to 1m3
Usage On demand
Roll length up to 450m
Max power output 200W
Voltage 230V 1ph 50Hz

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