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Ergonomic automated packing solution.

The Easypack coiler is a bolt-on solution designed to be used in conjunction with our bestselling packmaster™pro system in order to automate the process of producing consistent, large quantities of highly protective coiled paper cushions.

The ‘coil’ is one of the strongest and most popular total protection packing techniques used across our range and the coiler system makes the production of these coils quick and simple.

Strong but gentle

Our signature 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper is converted in to strong, durable coils which can be used either directly at point of use, or sealed and stored for later use. The coils produced by this system are not only incredibly strong but their flexibility allows the paper to mould around products, effectively securing it while offering complete protection.

Whether you are packing awkward shaped items or heavier goods, the coiler allows you to produce consistent coil cushions on-demand - the perfect alternative to frustrating loose-fill chips or messy and chemical-based foam-in-place options.



Machine dimensions (mm) without Packmaster Pro (L) 1350 (H) 1820 (D) 110
Machine weight (coiler only) 110kg (approx.)
Coil diameter 300 mm - 700 mm (approx)
Coil depth Up to 200 mm
Output volume Up to 2.5m2
Output speed 26m per minute
Voltage 100V - 240V ac, 50 / 60 Hz 3.5 Amps max
Max power input 350VA (W)

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