Pregis-UZima Partnership

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Some Pregis team members were independently going to Africa each year to help fight water insecurity.  They saw firsthand the conditions that people are living in and were humbled to see how clean water, something we take for granted each day, can impact a community.  The rest of the team at Pregis LLC was inspired by their story and we put together a plan to help.  We’re partnering with UZima, a non-profit that supplies life-changing water filters to communities that lack access to clean water.  In 2018 Pregis LLC is donating a portion of US sales of our water-blue AirSpeed HC Inspyre packaging to UZima with a goal of changing 50,000 lives with UZima water filters.

About UZima

UZima means “full of life” in Swahili. It's a fitting name as UZima Clean Water Mission is a non-profit organisation that helps provide access to clean water to communities across the world with a water filtration system. By using UZima's filters in conjunction with a two-bucket system people are able to collect contaminated water and turn it into clean, potable water. UZima filters are currently in use in five continents and have made a significant impact by reducing or eliminating water borne diseases, infant/elderly mortality rates and improving the overall wellness in those communities. When maintained properly, the filters have a 10 year life span and can have a positive impact on an entire generation!

Water Insecurities

Water insecurities impact 1 in 9 people across the world. It’s not the next big global crisis, we’re already there. The most important impact is health, waterborne disease is the world’s leading killer. But there are ongoing effects that aren’t always as visible – time, education, women’s empowerment and being trapped in a cycle of poverty are also tied to lack of fresh water. For example, in Africa alone women spend 40 Billion hours a year walking for water. Time that could have been spent on their education, working or building a business to support their family. And children lose 443 Million days of school a year due to water related illness. Access to clean water can be life changing to these people. Time spent gathering water can be spent on education, empowerment and making a better life for their families.

Global Water Insecurities