Packaging for cosmetics

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The growth of e-commerce has enabled hundreds of cosmetic brands to expand their operations from the high street to the internet over recent years.  Packaged cosmetics come in all shapes and sizes, from multi-box sets to single tubes, bottles and jars.

We work with a wide variety of cosmetic retailers including some of our best-loved high street brands who are naturally concerned with not only protecting their goods but also with protecting the environment.

The beauty of our 100% recycled paper is that it is so versatile and clean.  It also minimises waste and is quick and easy to recycle by the recipient.   As well as void fill, our paper can be used to cushion goods and block and brace heavier items securely in the box, ensuring that products arrive in the same condition as they left the warehouse.

For total, in-the-box protection contact us today to arrange for a demonstration or use our product finder to find the ideal solution for your products.