Pregis offer a green gateway to help solve the plastic conundrum

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Right now, in boardrooms up and down the country, people are scratching their heads about how to tackle the problem of reducing the use of plastic.  

In addition to the plastic conundrum, businesses are facing other equally challenging environmental pressures, such as becoming more sustainable, reducing their carbon footprint, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing, shipping and waste – the list goes on and the worry about the cost of change goes up.

With such high levels of public awareness of the damage that plastics are doing to the environment, consumers are beginning to scrutinise brand ethics. Plus, take into account that the UK is one of the largest users of ecommerce in the world, how goods are being delivered and packed is also under the watchful green eye of the consumer.

How can businesses make the transition to ‘green’ packaging without breaking the bank or compromising their goods in transit?

The answer is little by little.  Most SME’s can’t afford to make sweeping changes to their packaging operations but they can begin to make small steps to becoming greener.  For businesses that have relied on plastic air bags or bubble wrap for many years, change is a difficult pill to swallow, despite the negativity surrounding single use plastic.

It’s often the case that operators are worried that their goods will be compromised and their costs will go up if they change their protective packaging to a recycled product - in fact the opposite is often true.  There are many viable and better alternatives to plastic on the market today that are not only 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable, they are also easier to use, cheaper to use and save vast amounts of time and warehouse space.

Start with a free packaging audit

Pregis is a global specialist in protective packaging and is helping all kinds of businesses to make the transition towards becoming greener by providing customers with a free audit of their packing operations. 

Carried out by experts in packaging operational efficiency, the audit identifies where organisations can reduce waste, improve efficiency, safety and speed, and how they can introduce alternative green packaging solutions without compromising on output, reliability, strength or costs.

With a green, in-the-box packaging solution for just about any product, Pregis is helping to make the transition to green packaging much easier. By offering a reassuring trial of one of their many award-winning packaging systems that produce 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper, they show customers that little by little, it really is possible to change to green packaging and reap the many benefits.

To book a free packaging efficiency audit visit, call 01438 740649.

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