Green packaging set to trend in 2016

Monday, 25 January 2016

Research giant Mintel have highlighted green packaging as one of six key packaging trends in 2016 in the new Global Packaging Trends 2016 report.

In addition to a prediction of increased personalization on consumer packaging and clearer on-pack data, Mintel research suggests that more consumers will be looking for ‘green’ packaging when making purchasing decisions.

Canadian Grocer has published all six packaging trends forecasted by Mintel including The Evolution of Green stating:

Package recycling is currently well below its potential according to Mintel, with most consumers not having a real understanding of what to do with compostable packaging, for example.

According to Mintel, two key initiatives are beginning to resonate: A focus on alternative package material sources and catering to the two-thirds (63%) of American consumers who believe that reusable/re-purposable packaging is a “key” purchasing driver.

“When product price and perceived product quality are equal, consumers will be increasingly turning to these eco- and alternative-use attributes as the deciding purchasing factor,” says Mintel.

It’s clear to see that ‘green’ packaging is becoming increasing important to consumers and brands are already evaluating how to adapt to more eco-friendly packaging both in on-the-shelf and in-the-box packaging, delivering a consistent ‘green’ message across the brands.

Click here to download the full Mintel report: Global Packaging Trends 2016.

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