Free up more space with powerful worktop packing systems

Friday, 15 March 2019

Optimising warehouse space is a challenge for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes.  Not only does stock need to be stored efficiently, it also needs to be easily accessible for fast picking and packing.

When it comes to packaging machinery, the space taken up can vary enormously in terms of footprint, and the space required to store consumable materials. However, as with most technology today, modern packaging solutions are now smaller, more compact and more powerful, allowing you to save warehouse space and storage space.

Small, compact and very fast too!

It’s a common misconception that small packaging systems might not be able to handle fast-moving online packing needs, however, this is not the case. At Pregis, our compact, high-speed packaging technology is not only fast and efficient, it can also be used on worktops or neatly slotted underneath a work bench. 

Worktop packing systems

If you use work benches, packing lines or conveyors for packing goods then Pregis’ compact, worktop packing solutions are ideal as they are flexible. They can sit directly on top of the work bench, be clamped to the edge of the bench or be integrated into the conveyor line, making accessibility easy and eliminating wasted floor space.

As an example, the Easypack® Quantum™ XT can be positioned or clamped at any point of use. It produces 100% recycled paper at an output speed of 1.8 metres per second, and has a patented tear-off system and telescopic head for additional safety and ease of use.

Alternatively, Easypack’s Freestyle is a small and highly versatile system which can be conveniently located at any point of packing - wall-mounted, affixed to a manoeuvrable floor stand, or bracketed vertically or horizontally to any bench. Freestyle generates a continuous sheet of 100% recycled packaging paper at 55 metres per minute, which can be used to wrap goods, formed and shaped for cushion protection, or simply used as cost-effective void fill.

Packstation with integrated packing technology

If you’re looking for protection for larger, heavier or more fragile goods, the Packmaster™Pro is the answer. Not only does it produce robust coils of 100% recycled cushion packaging for total in-the-box protection for all types of goods, it can be neatly and safety positioned underneath the all-purpose Packstation. The clever work bench not only puts all packaging tools at the fingertips of users, it also delivers the packaging through the top of the bench for fast and efficient packing. The PackmasterPro also allows you to store the paper rolls underneath the machine for optimum use of space.

With warehouse space at such a premium today, it makes sense to look at new ways to free up space and improve efficiency and productivity.

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