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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Packing goods for dispatch should be easy. You take an item off the shelf, pop it into a bag or box and stick a label on it. Simple, yes? Well it should be, but for many businesses this straightforward process is becoming more time-consuming, over-complicated and costly.

There are some very good reasons why inefficiencies have crept into packing processes:

- Online ordering has grown exponentially over the last decade making it more difficult to efficiently keep up with demand

- Traditional packing methods are slow and wasteful

- Dated packing systems are slow and inefficient which wastes time and money

- Multiple packaging consumables are using more storage space and make the packaging process more complicated

- Packaging is not from sustainable sources which may affect your vital green credentials

- Order picking and packing workspaces are inefficient and unsafe

Many of these issues will be familiar to you, but addressing them can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be though, and with a little guidance and reassurance, you can transform your packing operations and save time, space and money too.

Here are our top tips for a painless transition to a modern, highly efficient packing environment:

1. Book a Packaging Audit – Pregis offer FREE audits by packaging specialists to evaluate all of your packing operations and show you how to make savings, speed up processes and create better, more efficient work spaces.

2. Introduce a ‘one-touch’ packing process – ensure the most popular items are always accessible at the point of packing and ensure operators are trained to pack once only to eliminate re-packing, saving packaging waste and time.

3. Create easy-reach packing stations – packing operators should be able to reach goods, automated packaging systems, containers, shipping labels, screens and baskets without moving from one spot, such as the Packstation.

4. Trial new automated packing technology – only by trying out new systems will you see how much impact they can have in improving your packing operations. Pregis’ packaging technology is fast, reliable, ergonomic, cost-saving and highly efficient, allowing you to save time, reduce manual labour, be more accurate and reduce waste.

5. Try eco-friendly packaging – all businesses should be using some form of recycled, biodegradable or sustainable packaging. By trying alternative, greener packaging you will see that it will still pack all of your goods securely, plus it will reduce waste, save you money and improve the perception of your business and help protect the environment.

Adapting to changing times is not always easy, but it is easy to ask for help and to look at new ways of working. Pregis’ protective packaging experts are always on hand to assess and advise you so that you can work better. A Packaging Audit will cost you nothing and will give you a much greater understanding of how simple changes can lead to significant improvements.

To book a Packaging Audit, or to trial any of our solutions, please get in touch today by calling 01438 740649 or email info@pregiseu.com.


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