Easypack Have The Edge With New Green Inflatable Packaging

Thursday, 16 February 2017

We are very pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new ‘green’ air cushion solution - Airspeed® edge.

Airspeed® edge is a compact and flexible inflatable void fill system which offers an environmentally-friendly solution for on-demand packaging. Producing lightweight, puncture resistant film per minute, the system is fast, ultra-quiet, easy to load and easy to use. Weighing just 12kg, this portable system is totally versatile for use in any packing area, hopper system or work bench.

The green-tinted film, called EP-Flex™ Renew™, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard polythene air cushions. In comparison, EP-Flex™ Renew™ contains a natural organic additive that accelerates the breakdown of the film.

How does it work?

A small amount of additive is compounded with standard film which attaches itself to the molecular polymer chains that form the plastic, dispersing it evenly throughout the plastic. If the plastic is disposed of in a landfill, microbes attach to the additives in the plastic, digesting and breaking down the film at an accelerated rate.

Designed specifically for use with the Airspeed® edge™, this new film is ideal for those with an on-going commitment to responsible packaging practices. With increasing pressure on consumers and businesses to recycle more of their waste, there is a growing need for more sustainable, recyclable packaging. This new ‘green’ air cushion solution will undoubtedly be a viable alternative for those that currently use standard polythene void-fill to protect their goods, as it sends out a positive message to customers which in turn will help to enhance their green credentials.


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