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Over the last 25 years Easypack has built relationships with a diverse range of customers, reflecting the choice and scalability of our products. We work with some of the largest European brands, as well as smaller operations including start-ups.

Our environmentally friendly solutions provide secure protection for products that are produced by a whole host of market sectors including engineered products, food and drink, ceramics and glassware, cosmetics, electronics, homewares and gifts, pharmaceuticals and many more; in fact just about every corner of the commercial, retail and e-commerce market place!

We understand that all of our customers' needs are different so we developed our solutions around those varied needs, allowing our customers to not only pack with an environmentally friendly product, but one which allows them to pack their goods in many different ways, giving them total flexibility.

We also provide many of our customers with bespoke packing solutions that are designed for optimum efficiency, which are then fully integrated into their current operations.

We take time to understand each and every business and brand, providing the expertise to achieve individual goals and maintain high standards.

“We have dealt with Easypack for almost 20 years, they provide us with both a reliable service and a product which fully meets all of our requirements.” George Weir, Warehouse Manager, Wiley Publishing

“The new set up has improved our packing operations on a number of levels. The Packstation™ enables packers to pack very comfortably as they are very user friendly and the easy reach packaging enables us to pack faster and help us to be far more organised. We have also added an automated label system and auto-tape system which again has helped to speed up packing considerably.” Mark Fowkes, Warehouse Manager,

“Deciding to work with Easypack was an easy option for us as a company, they provide us with a great product and back it up with great services and support. They provide us with a recycled paper option which sits well with the ethos of the company whilst still being a great product at the same time. We have had packing machines installed this year and I consider them a key factor in this year’s success, with a daily total output increase of 100,000 items on the biggest day”. Dawid Peltz (Lush Bubbles)

“Easypack have consistently provided us with an excellent service from design through to delivery. They designed a system of dispensers that has improved efficiency, speed of output and costs.” Allan Roberts, Production Manager, Grafenia

“Working with Easypack has allowed us to be true to our principles by delivering items securely, reducing our environmental impact and improving the service we give our customers.” Michael Kenny, Customer Logistics Manager, Emma Bridgewater

“We have seen huge benefits since making the change to Easypack. Polystyrene loosefill was previously used with our 4 packing benches. Since we installed their 3 space efficient double packstations with paper dispensers we now have 6 packers taking up less space and we no longer have to store bags of polystyrene chips, keeping the whole area clean and tiny. The system is easy to use and our customers much prefer the paper packing material which is environmentally friendly and easily disposed of. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to fill the whole space inside the box offering better protection using less material.” Warehouse Manager, Forever Living Products