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Easyfill™ is an innovative, automated collection reservoir which is designed to collect paper packaging output from Easypack’s void-fill packaging systems.

Manufactured in the UK, the automated hopper acts like a reservoir, collecting packaging material for high-demand packaging, allowing packers to focus on packing quickly and efficiently. The autofill sensor allows packers to focus on packing whilst the system continuously replenshes the basket with void-fill, shutting off automatically once the hopper is full.

The Easyfill™ hopper can be custom designed to specifically fit into existing operations allowing uninterrupted packaging.

By dealing direct with Easypack engineers, we can provide full consultancy in order to create a bespoke, auto-collection system which can be mounted into any existing operations, or a stand-alone system which can be ergonomically designed for installation into one single area. Full training is also provided as part of our end-to-end service.


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